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Advertising spaces

Sibiu International Airport offers a wide variety of indoor & outdoor advertising spaces available for rent, in order to carry out advertising campaigns adapted to the target groups of interest.

Due to the optimal location of spaces designated for advertising and publicity activities and to the possibility of exposure on various types of advertising media, the spaces available at Sibiu International Airport are ideal for an exposure focused on attracting the attention of passengers and all people crossing the airport threshold.

Sibiu International Airport provides a range of advertising spaces located in the public area, departure area, arrival area, respectively in the parking lot, all the details regarding these spaces being included in two catalogues, which can be consulted below:

Indoor media supports – download the catalog
Indoor & outdoor advertising spaces – download the catalog

If you are interested in advertising opportunities within Sibiu International Airport and for more details on renting advertising spaces, please submit a request by e-mail to the addresses [email protected] and [email protected].