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A Bavarian experience that you definitely must discover entirely on your own

Book now on  www.wizzair.com your vacation to the historic town of Germany, Memmingen which has a wonderful array of interesting sights with a Mediterranean touch. The historic center is the perfect place for a gentle stroll and a little shopping all topped off with some local culinary delights.

Memmingen is a great place to visit in winter known and loved for its scenic beauty and high recreational value: snow covered alleyways, hot mulled wine at the Christmas market and plenty of live music.

Must see – Michelin's recommendations for Memmingen

✈ Memmingen Old Town – historic centre;
✈ Kreuzherrnkirche / Church of the Order of the Holy;
✈ St. Martin Church.

Short conversation guide

Good morning! – Guten Morgen!
Good evening! – Guten Abend!
Good night! – Gute Nacht!
Goodbye! – Auf Wiedersehen!
Please! – Bitte!
Thank you! – Danke!
How much is that ...? – Wie viel kostet das ...?