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Taxi service

Travel comfortably to your destination

The taxi services in Sibiu are a convenient way to get from the airport to your destination. You can catch a taxi from the designated area, unless you have pre booked one. The taxi area is located outside the terminal building, on the left hand side of arrivals.

If there aren't available any cabs or if you prefer a specific company, our staff from the Information Office located in the public area can place an order for you, free of charge.

The taxi cabs transporting passengers to the airport have free parking access in front of the airport’s terminals.



Use only cabs which display transportation license, prices and are using taximeters.

According to the Sibiu City Council Decision No. 201/2014, the maximum tariff for taxi services approved by City Hall of Sibiu is 3,10 lei/km.

Complaints about taxi services can be sent to the City Hall of Sibiu by email to [email protected] or directly to the City Hall Information Center, 2 Samuel Brukenthal Street, Room no. 8.

Remember to always ask for a receipt and keep your receipt as it contains details of your journey.