Useful travel information

Travelling with infants

Sibiu International Airport offers passengers travelling with infants a space arranged for care and support to provide optimal hygiene facilities in the departure terminal. This service is available for free.

Airport restrooms are also appropriately equipped for passengers who travel with infants.

Assistance for people with disabilities 

Sibiu International Airport provides assistance and special attention to passengers with reduced mobility and / or special needs upon arrival at the airport until boarding the aircraft, through specialized personnel.

The category of persons with reduced mobility includes any person whose mobility is impaired due to disability (sensory or locomotor), a physical disability, age, disease or other causes.

If you are experiencing mobility difficulties and need assistance at the airport, you must inform your airline or your tour operator about your special needs at least 48 hours before your travel. It is advisable to notify in advance to ensure that you receive the support you need both at departure and arrival at destination / airport.

The airport parking provides special places for people with reduced mobility.

Inside the terminal
All public facilities are on the ground floor and are wheelchair friendly.

Travelling with pets

The moment you book your ticket you have to mention that you are going to travel with your pet.

The airline will inform you about the conditions and formalities you have to perform under this circumstance (necessary documents, tariffs, etc.).

Air passenger rights

When you travel by air in the EU you have certain guaranteed rights which apply even before your trip begins:

  • When you buy your ticket, you have the right to equal access to air fares without any discrimination based on your nationality or your place of residence. This also applies if you purchase your flight ticket on-line.

  • From the beginning of the booking process all taxes, fees and charges must be included and appear in the total price. This makes it easier to compare prices with other airlines so you can make an informed choice.

Any optional supplements (such as travel insurance) must be clearly indicated as such and suggested on an opt-in basis only. You can report a case of unclear on-line pricing to the national authorities in your county of residence in the EU.

For further information and details regarding air passenger rights, you may access the following link: