Ground handling

For all aircrafts ground handling services are provided by using the following modern machines and equipment:

Maneuvering area maintenance equipment:
  • Runway cleaning machine with air blower;
  • Runway friction testing equipment;
  • Sanding machine with snowplow and snow blower machine.
Passenger transportation and baggage handling:
  • Apron buses and mini-bus;
  • Self-propelled boarding stairs;
  • Baggage conveyor belt;
  • Baggage trailers and pulling vehicle;
  • Access facilities for passengers with reduced mobility (PRM).
Aircrafts ground support equipment:
  • Ground Power Unit;
  • Power converter;
  • Self-propelled water supplier tank;
  • Self-propelled waste collection tank;
  • Air Heater;
  • De-icer;
  • FOLLOW-ME car;
  • Air Jet Starter Unit (ASU).
Fire fighting and rescue machines:
  • Fire-fighting trucks;
  • Ambulance;
  • Rescue vehicule with extrication equipment.