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Infrastructure and operational data at Sibiu International Airport

Airport area 300 ha
Terminal passenger area 6200 m2
ICAO reference code 4C
Direction and distance to the city centre 3 km
AD Category for fire fighting AD HR – CAT 7
Runway 2630 m length and 45 m wide, E – W oriented, PCN 110 R/D/W/T
Apron capacity 15 parking positions AVO cat B, C, D.
3 rolling concrete surfaces (taxiways) E, W, N 4C according to ICAO
Turning bays on both sides length of 100 m x width of 60 m
Operational capacity one aircraft every 3 minutes
Lighting system cat II, ILS cat II
Professional equipment for passengers assistance:

Cobus 3000 buses, minibuses, aircraft stairs, access facilities to the transit area, aircraft access facilities for people with special needs.

Specialized equipment for aircraft assistance:

ground power units (GPU), power converters, auto water supply, lavatory equipment, equipment for providing hot air, de-/anti-icing equipment, FOLLOW ME vehicle, Airstarter unit, aircraft towing Push back tractor.

Baggage handling equipment:

automated strips system for arrivals and departures processing, baggage transportation equipment.

Equipment for inspection and maintenance of movement area operationality:

measuring system for aircraft breaking friction coefficient, sweeping machines with air-blower, turbo charged snow plows with solid chemical dispenser.

You can click here to consult the Aeronautical Information Publication (A.I.P.) for Sibiu International Airport.
More details on www.aisro.ro.