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Breath modern architecture, industrial history and football

Nowadays, Dortmund is well known as an architectural and cultural city, but for a long time, it was associated with coal mines and smelting furnaces. The city has a vivid cultural life, a history of industrially brewed beer, football passion and enough spaces to sooth the senses.

There are many ways to discover Dortmund, let’s start with what you must see in Dortmund:

✈ The Dortmunder U – Centre for Art and Creativity – is a famous city landmark, near the train station;
✈ “Florian” – the TV tower in the Westfalenpark;
✈ Extraschicht – venue for music, dance and theatre productions.

Short conversation guide

Good morning! – Guten Morgen!
Good evening! – Guten Abend!
Good night! – Gute Nacht!
Good bye! – Auf Wiedersehen!
Please! – Bitte!
Thank you! – Danke!
How much is that? – Wie viel kostet das?