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Frequent questions


What happens with the objects that I found in the airport that I am not allowed to transport?

Registration formalities (check-in) consist of the presentation at the counter of an airline to be accepted as a passenger on a particular flight. It's where you register your luggage to be checked and then transported to the aircraft hold.

If you only found out at the airport that objects from your carry-on luggage, like pocket knife, nail clippers, scissors, knives are not allowed in the cabin, you can transfer them in the checked luggage. If these goods do not endanger the safety of aircraft, they can be registered as hold luggage.

Also, such items can be handed in to the air operator to be transported separately and handed to you at your destination.

If after security check I should abandon an object, will it be returned to me?

If, for whatever reason, items prohibited in carry-on luggage were not registered as checked luggage or delivered to the airline representatives, then the goods will be discarded in special boxes and mechanically destroyed according to civil aviation procedures in effect.

Luggage handling

Luggage handling and delivery from the point of check-in to the point of collection is the responsibility of the airlines. If you notice any irregularities regarding the condition of the luggage please contact the airline immediately.

Luggage carts

Free luggage carts are available both in the airport terminal and the car parking.



Are there any exceptions regarding liquids transportation in the aircraft?

Exceptions may be accepted for the following liquids:

  • they are used during the flight and are prescribed for medical reasons or for a specific diet, including infants’ food. When requested, passengers must present a proof of autenticity for the excepted liquid;
  • they were purchased in the airside area after the boarding passes checkpoints, from outlets subject to security procedures approved under the program of airport security, provided that the liquid is in a sealed bag and there is satisfactory evidence attesting the purchase from the airport on the same day;
  • they were purchased in the security restricted area from outlets subject to approved security procedures in the airport security program;
  • they were purchased from another EU airport, provided that the liquid is sealed in a bag and there is satisfactory evidence attesting the purchase from the airside of the airport in question on the same day;
  • they were purchased on an aircraft of an European Union air carrier, provided that the liquid is sealed in a bag and there is satisfactory evidence attesting the purchase on board the same day.