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Check-in at Sibiu International Airport

Where to check-in

The check-in area at Sibiu International Airport is located in front of the main entrance of departures. Go to the respective airline check-in desk, or use the free online check in service. Please verify with your airline if this service is available.

You can easily find the desks by following the screens and the flight displays which present the following information: the airline, the flight number, the destination and estimated departure time as well as the status of the operations performed (check-in open, check-in closed, delay, etc.).

Arriving time

Please see your ticket or consult your airline for advice about check-in times. However, the following timings are provided as a general guide:

  • International flights: Please allow at least two hours before your scheduled departure time.
  • Please note that passengers who have checked in online still have to arrive in good time for their flight – pay close attention to the times given by your airline for dropping bags, collecting boarding cards and arriving at the gate.