Începând cu data de 8 februarie 2024, accesul în Aeroportul Internațional Sibiu va migra din locația curentă în sensul giratoriu de pe șoseaua Alba Iulia, la intersecția cu strada Europa Unită ***

Checking in at SIBIU International Airport

Where to check-in

The check-in area at Sibiu International Airport is located in front of the main entrance of departures. Go to the respective airline check-in desk, or use the free online check in service. Please verify with your airline if this service is available.

You can easily find the desks by following the screens and the flights displays which present the following information: the airline, the flight number, the destination and estimated departure time as well as the status of the operations performed (check-in open, check-in closed, delay, etc.).

Arriving time

Please see your ticket or consult your airline for advice about check-in times. However, the following timings are provided as a general guide:

  • International flights: Please allow at least two hours before your scheduled departure time.
  • Please note that passengers who have checked in online still have to arrive in good time for their flight – pay close attention to the times given by your airline for dropping bags, collecting boarding cards and arriving at the gate.

Terminal opening hours: 24/7


All passengers traveling and their baggage are subject to security checks before boarding, in order to prevent the introduction of weapons, explosives or other dangerous objects on board, that can be used for committing an act of unlawful interference.

Please note that for security reasons there are no lockers for storing your luggage.

For any problem related to your baggage, please contact your airline company.

By purchasing an airline ticket, the passenger enters an agreement with the airline in question, which is responsible for all aspects of air travel, including those related to passengers' baggage (recording, handling to / from aircraft etc.)

All deposited items will be subject to a security search.

  • Never leave your baggage unattended in the airport public areas!
  • Do not accept any package or bag from a third person for any reason!
  • Do not leave your luggage unattended not even for a few seconds!
  • Report any suspicious or abandoned luggage to the airport security personnel!

Cabin baggage inquiries

Specific requirements related to cabin baggage are determined by a number of factors such as: price of the ticket, flight class, route, aircraft type, government regulations, airlines’ trade policies, health and safety policies.
In this respect to avoid any inconvenience please contact the airline for details.

Forbiedden objects carry-on baggage
  • firearms, traditional or artisanal, whole or dismantled, functional or not, and parts thereof;
  • handicraft detonating devices, pyrotechnics, explosive devices (for military use) and parts thereof;
  • substances and incendiary devices, traditional or artisanal, whole or parts;
  • warfare substances, nerve incapacitating agents, radioactive, acids, flammable, corrosive, household chemicals etc;
  • weapons (boxes, swords, daggers, sticks etc);
  • any household object that can be used in the act of unlawful interference against civil aviation cut, thrust, impact (knives, hatchets, scythes, sickles, professional tools, scissors, needles, razor blades, statues etc.
  • toys or imitation firearms;
  • other dangerous goods (soda cartridges, oxygen bottles, underwater lamps, paint, paint thinner, poisons, alcohol concentration of over 70%, auto batteries, etc.);
  • any other object that offers reasonable grounds for suspicion.
All dangerous objects will be confiscated.
Sibiu International Airport is not liable for the confiscated objects.

Forbidden objects in checked baggage

It is forbidden to carry in your hold baggage (checked-in) the following goods:
  • handicraft detonating devices, pyrotechnics, explosive devices (for military use) and parts thereof;
  • substances or incendiary devices, traditional or artisanal, whole or parts;
  • battle toxic substances, nerve incapacitating agents, radioactive, acids, flammable, corrosive household chemicals etc;
  • other dangerous goods (soda cartridges, oxygen bottles, underwater lamps, paint, paint thinner, poisons, alcohol concentration of over 70%, car batteries etc).
If you are in any doubt, please contact your airline for advice before booking or check-in.

Security control

Tips before security control
  • The access to the security control filters is allowed only to holders of a valid boarding card.
  • It is recommended that people wearing a pacemaker to inform security personnel before going through the metal detector gate.
  • At the security control filters passengers are obliged to follow the instructions of security personnel.
  • In order to reduce congestion of the security control filters, passengers must ensure that they do not carry into their luggage (both in the cabin and in the hold) items prohibited for aircraft transport.

To shorten the time for security check you must:

  • take off your coats, overcoat and jackets, which will be controlled separately;
  • remove laptop computers and other large electrical devices from your hand luggage, which will be controlled separately;
  • present security staff for examination all the liquids you carry.
Exemples of liquids:
  • water and other drinks, soups, syrups;
  • creams, lotions and oils;
  • perfumes;
  • sprays;
  • gels, including hair gels and shower gels;
  • contents of pressurized containers, including shaving foam, other foams and deodorants;
  • pastes, including toothpaste;
  • mixtures of liquids with solids.
Liquids, except in individual containers with a maximum capacity of 100 milliliters, or equivalent, in a transparent plastic resalable bag with a capacity of less than 1 liter (approximate size 20 cm x 20 cm).

Useful travel information

Traveling with infants

Sibiu International Airport offer passengers traveling with infants, in the departures terminal, a space arranged for care and support to provide optimal hygiene facilities. This service is available for free.

Airport restrooms are also appropriately equipped for passengers who travel with infants.

Assistance for people with disabilities 

Sibiu International Airport provides assistance and special attention to passengers with reduced mobility and / or special needs upon arrival at the airport until boarding the aircraft, through specialized personnel.

The category of persons with reduced mobility include any person whose mobility is impaired due to disability (sensory or locomotor), a physical disability, age, disease or other causes.

If you are experiencing mobility difficulties and need assistance at the airport, you must inform your airline or your tour operator about your special needs at least 48 hours before your travel. It is advisable to notify in advance to ensure that you receive the support you need both at departure and arrival at destination / airport.

The airport parking provides special places for people with reduced mobility.

Inside the terminal
All public facilities are on the ground floor and are wheelchair friendly.

Traveling with pets

The moment you book your ticket you have to mention that you are going to travel with your pet.

The airline will inform you about the conditions and formalities you have to perform under this circumstance (necessary documents, tariffs, etc.).

Air passenger rights

When you travel by air in the EU you have certain guaranteed rights which apply even before your trip begins:

  • When you buy your ticket, you have the right to equal access to air fares without any discrimination based on your nationality or your place of residence. This also applies if you purchase your flight ticket on-line.

  • From the beginning of the booking process all taxes, fees and charges must be included and appear in the total price. This makes it easier to compare prices with other airlines so you can make an informed choice.

Any optional supplements (such as travel insurance) must be clearly indicated as such and suggested on an opt-in basis only. You can report a case of unclear on-line pricing to the national authorities in your county of residence in the EU.

For further information and details regarding air passenger rights, you may access the following link: http://europa.eu/youreurope/citizens/travel/passenger-rights/air/index_en.htm