Începând cu data de 8 februarie 2024, accesul în Aeroportul Internațional Sibiu va migra din locația curentă în sensul giratoriu de pe șoseaua Alba Iulia, la intersecția cu strada Europa Unită ***


Just drive-up, park the car and take-off

With a total of almost 300 parking spaces Sibiu International Airport offers quick and convenient access:

  • Only a short walk to check-in;
  • No hidden costs, the price you pay includes the full service;
  • No reservations required.

In order to avoid unpleasant situations, we kindly ask you to pay attention to the following information:

  • The airport will charge an overtax of 300 lei in case of losing the chip coin issued at parking entrance.
  • The pay station accept coins (0,50 bani) and also bills (1, 5, 10 and 50 lei).
  • The parking fee must be paid within maximum 10 minute before leaving the car parking.
  • To receive tax documents (receipt, invoice), please address to Dispatch Office placed near the parking exit barriers.

ATTENTION! Parking system chip coin

Parking rates

Short term parking
(the smallest indivisible time unit is the hour)
First 10 minutes Free
+10 minutes – 2 hours 10 lei
3 – 6 hours 30 lei
7 – 24 hours 50 lei
2 days 100 lei
3 – 7 days 180 lei
8 days 230 lei
9 – 15 days 350 lei
Peste 15 days 350 + 15 lei/for each day

All parking fees include the VAT rate.

Long term parking / subscription system 

1 month 300,00
6 months 1400,00
12 months 2100,00
Additional fees applied to long term parking 
Tax Fee
Parking card release  100,00
Lost/damaged/renewal parking card 100,00

One parking card allows parking for one vehicle.
VAT included. 

Bicycles parking

Bicycles parking at Sibiu International Airport is free. Please use the bicycle rack placed outside the car park area (located on the left hand side of the entrance).

Parking guidance at Sibiu International Airport

Car parking entrance instructions:

  • Stop the car in front of the access barrier, right next the entrance machine.
  • Press the green lighting button to release the chip coin.
  • Take the yellow chip coin and keep it carefully for payment before leaving the parking area.
  • The fee for replacing it is 300 lei and is payable at the Dispatch Office placed near the parking exit barriers.

Using pay station instructions:

  • Choose the language (Romanian, English or German).
  • Insert the chip coin in the slot signaled by a blinking white light.
  • The amount to be paid is shown on the colour display.
  • You can abort the payment and get the chip coin back by pressing the Cancel button.
  • Insert one by one the coins and/or bills for payment (only Romanian lei are accepted). Cancel button can be used to abort the process as long as the total amount of money wasn't reached.
  • When the displayed amount becomes zero, the pay station returns your chip coin, the change (if it's necessary) and a printed receipt (if requested by pressing the Receipt button).
  • You have to leave the parking, using the chip coin, in less than 10 minutes after paying.
  • Exceeding the 10 minutes limit calls for a return to the pay station machine for payment of a new fee for the corresponding extra time spent in the parking lot.

Leaving the car parking instructions:

  • Stop the car in front of the exit barrier after payment of the parking fee.
  • Insert the yellow chip coin in the dedicated slot, marked with a blinking white light.
  • If the payment was correct, the barrier will raise and you can leave the parking. Otherwise, you must go back to the pay station for completing the payment of the parking fee.
Sibiu International Airport is exempt from any liability in case of:
  • Damages caused by any violation of traffic regulations within the airport area (disregard of signs, traffic lights, road markings, law enforcement agent's indications etc.).
  • Damages caused by barriers movement in case of ignoring the safety distance between cars.
  • Prolongation of parking duration caused by the shifting time of schedule for departure or arrival.
  • Any immediate or future consequences caused by infringement of this Regulation, or by the refuse to pay the parking fees or displayed penalties.
Other information

CCTV cameras are for surveillance purpose only. The recordings are not public.

During the parking, the car owners are responsible for securing the cars and the goods placed inside, as the parking fee does not include security expenses.

The fee for a lost ticket, without the possibility of determining the period spent in the parking lot, is 300 lei/ticket.

The fee for a lost ticket, with the possibility of determining the period spent in the parking lot is 50 lei/ticket + the fee for the period spent in the parking lot.

The parking fees include VAT.

All above fees are valid from 01.07.2019.