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As a tourist destination, Vienna enjoys a worldwide reputation for its artistic and cultural lifestyle, important historical sights and its traditional hospitality that according to its visitors is charming, likeable and cultivated. Vienna: a city worth to be experienced! As soon as you cross the boroughs of Vienna, a fairy tale atmosphere takes hold of you, and an intense emotion is unchaining along with the journey into a fairy world of princesses and palaces with an opulence that amazes you.

Once you landed in Austria, the first impression is that you are in a backstage of a theatre that is about to unfold right before your eyes. The actual drama was sketched decades ago, when the gothic and the innovative styles blends into a contrasting image of Vienna.

The palaces characterized by an opulent architectural style, decorated with carvings and bronze sculptures predominate the center of the metropolis, like into a jewel carefully crafted.

The city enjoys a rich cultural heritage, predominantly of musical nature, associated with great composers like Strauss, Brahms, Beethoven, Schubert, Haydn and Mozart who used to live and perform here. Today, Vienna’s Philharmonic Orchestra and Opera maintain alive the tradition, claiming more numerous classical music concerts than any other city in the world.

Vienna’s central boulevard pierce the heart of the city, standing apart from other arteries, as it surrounds the metropolis meeting the Danube river; the boulevard buildings impressive architectural styles and also its “mirroring” museums represent the main tourist attractions.

Sights in Vienna

The city’s tourist attractions include:

Schönbrunn Palace is located in the Western part of Vienna, still used as a royal summer residence. The interior is decorated in rococo style, and among the rooms open to visitors there are: the galleries, the Chinese cabinet, Napoleon’s room (the room where the king used to live), the blue room, the ceremony room, the hall of mirrors (where Mozart had a concert at the age of 6).

Hofburg Palace complex is presented as a venue of several museums, including one dedicated to Princess Elizabeth (Sissi), National Library, Art Galleries.

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Goodbye! – Auf Wiedersehen!
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