Începând cu data de 8 februarie 2024, accesul în Aeroportul Internațional Sibiu va migra din locația curentă în sensul giratoriu de pe șoseaua Alba Iulia, la intersecția cu strada Europa Unită ***


Discover Rome, the eternal city!

Beginning July 20, 2024, reservations will be open for a city getaway to Rome, the enchanting capital of Italy, renowned as an expansive open-air museum. Delve into Rome's rich tapestry of history, culture, and art by visiting www.flylili.com. Experience an array of captivating tourist spots, from ancient ruins to Renaissance churches. Whether you're wandering along the cobblestone pathways, marveling at the magnificent architecture, or indulging in local cuisine, Rome promises an unforgettable journey.

Tourist attractions
✈ Colosseum
✈ Vatican and St. Peter's Basilica
✈ Trevi Fountain
✈ Pantheon
✈ Piazza Navona

Short conversation guide
Good morning! – Buongiorno!
Good evening! – Buonasera!
Good night! – Buonanotte!
Goodbye! – Arrivederci!
Please! – Per favore!
Thank you! – Grazie!
How much does it cost? – Quanto costa?

Plan your next adventure in Rome and discover the charm of a city that perfectly combines ancient history with modern life!