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Bavarian city of Munich, the center of southern Germany, is one of the most preferred tourist destinations nationwide by the local citizens but also by heads of state, personalities and stars from film and music world. Offering a unique combination of flair and traditional charm, all mixed with a portion Gemutlichkeit health (German word that means “near the heart, happy and healthy”), Munich was often called “Pearl of Europe” or “German Rome”, or the „City of one million” or the „City that fascinates and attracts”.

Did you know that?

Founded in 1158 on the River Isar, Munich’s name derives from “home of monks”, namely the first monastery founded in the area. The monks were those who started promoting the brewing tradition for which the city is famous, especially since it’s celebrating an annual beer festival from 1810. Today, nearly six million people visit the Oktoberfest every year, consuming more than 5.5 million liters of beer during the two weeks of festivities. The city of beer “gardens” is a city with its own style – contrasting, but not contradicting. Bavaria Region has a fantastic range of attractions, so the most important thing you need to take with you in Munich is... time.

Sights in Munich

Munich is a leading cultural center, one of the most important in Europe, with many and diverse museums and galleries, enjoying an international reputation. Among the most interesting ones are the German Theater Museum, Museum of Mankind and Nature, Reisdenz (Egyptian art and jewelry) and Valentine Museum.

Munich’s Deutsches Museum, with approx. 28,000 objects on display, is the largest scientific and technical museum in the world. Its exhibits include about 50 areas of science and technology. Museum Fund contains 96,000 objects, a specialized library on the history of science and technology with approximately 850,000 volumes and an archive with many original documents. The museum is visited annually by about 1.3 million people worldwide.

Neue Pinakothek and Alte Pinakothek have collections of paintings from medieval art to modern artists. For those passionate about painting the best choice remains Lenbachhaus Gallery, where you can admire original creations of artists like Kandinsky and Klee. The English Garden, an impressive, incredibly beautiful park, remains the best choice for relaxation. BMW Museum offers for car enthusiasts some of the most unusual models, prototypes and vintage cars, and the possibility to drive any model they choose.

The city sightseeing tour can continue with Munich Zoo Hellabrunn, one of the largest in Europe, where you will have the opportunity to see rare species, or you can explore the City Hall at Marienplatz built in the nineteenth century. One of the most famous and impressive buildings in Munich is the Frauenkirche, a basilica in its true sense, where the interior is rebuilt in an interesting contrast with the old exterior, carefully restored after wartime destruction.

Short conversation guide

Good morning! – Guten Morgen!
Good evening! – Guten Abend!
Good night! – Gute Nacht!
Goodbye! – Auf Wiedersehen!
Please! – Bitte!
Thank you! – Danke!
How much is that ...? – Wie viel kostet das ...?