Începând cu data de 8 februarie 2024, accesul în Aeroportul Internațional Sibiu va migra din locația curentă în sensul giratoriu de pe șoseaua Alba Iulia, la intersecția cu strada Europa Unită ***


About us

We are the main air traffic hub, located in the geographical center of Romania, one of the most diverse and interesting regions in Southern Transylvania. We develop long-term partnerships with airlines, in order to contribute to the sustainable development of the region in which we activate and also to assure passengers access to worldwide destinations.


We want to ensure the development at maximum potential of Sibiu International Airport in order for it to become the most important traffic junction in Transylvania concerning  passengers and cargo air traffic. We consider that this desideratum can be reached trough implementing modern management techniques capable of assuring judicial exploitation of the entire patrimony, advantages and opportunities derived from geographical position corroborated with the level  of infrastructure’s  development. 

Our mission

To develop and operate in the community’s interest an airport system infrastructure that would sustain the social and economical development by allowing certain facilities of the highest security standards, excellence in services offered to clients, sustenance and environmental preservation, economical principles based on efficiency.

This mission will be fulfilled by developing a dedicated and highly qualified force labor, by maximizing technological innovations and trough excellence in corporate administration. Sibiu International Airport will be an economical regional resource that will supply with aviation services to the local and regional aviation community, tourists and other category of users.

Main values
  • We will administer with responsibility all resources at our disposal
  • We will emphasize our partnership with the community and partners
  • We will value direct communication
  • We will manage the airport in a transparent, just and honest way
  • We will reach our targets and fulfill our commitments
  • We will set high standards in every aspect of our organization and we will focus on continuous improvement
  • We will work together as a team

Object of activity

Sibiu International Airport is an autonomous administration which functions under the authority of Sibiu County Council having as a main object of activity supplying benefits, services, exploitation, maintenance, repairs, development and modernization of goods under our usage to guarantee the best conditions for landing, departing and ground operations of aircrafts in national and/or international traffic, securing airport services required for passengers transit, goods and mail as well as national services of public interest.


Situated at 3 km West from Sibiu municipality, at an altitude of 443m, Sibiu International Airport is part of the objectives of regional and national interest that have been essentially modified during time in order to ensure the proper conditions for public service. Sibiu International Airport is situated in an extremely favorable geoclimatic position and serves an area of about 2.6 million inhabitants.