Începând cu data de 8 februarie 2024, accesul în Aeroportul Internațional Sibiu va migra din locația curentă în sensul giratoriu de pe șoseaua Alba Iulia, la intersecția cu strada Europa Unită ***


Starting with July 21, 2024, you can travel directly from Sibiu to Milan. Tickets are already available on www.flylili.com

Let’s fly to Italy’s capital of chic

Milan has called our attention and asked for more time to be explored. Is a design-led Italian city that’s brimming with iconic architecture, breathes colorful fashion and design. Milan is the place to visit, art to admire, and food to devour. Narrow and empty streets leading to busy and noisy ones, where tourists mix with the locals, where modern meets the old, where parties go into the night, where architecture and design dominate the scenario.

Synonym with elegance and style, Milan is the hub of Italian culture, music, media, and sports. If you want to know about Italy, Milan is the best place to start.

A little bit of history

Milan was founded in 222 BC by the Romans, who conquered a Celtic settlement that previously occupied its site. They named the new town Mediolanum, meaning “amidst the plain,” which refers to its location in the flatland of Lombardy. It was one of the most glorious of the Italian community during the Middle Ages.

Sightseeing tips and things to do in Milan, Italy:

Duomo of Milan | La Scala Opera House | Sforza Castle & Museum | Santa Maria delle Grazie | Brera District | Galleria Vittorio Emanuele II |„The spectacular Cathedral Duomo of Milan that dominates the center of the city, is emblematic of the love of grand design that still drives Milano’s today.”

P.S. “You can’t miss La Scala Opera House if you are a music lover.” 

Short conversation guide

Good morning! – Buon giorno!
Good afternoon! – Buon pomeriggio!
Good evening! – Buona sera!
Excuse me! – Mi scusi! 
I’m lost. – Mi sono perso. [M]; Mi sono persa. [F]
I’m looking for my hotel. – Sto cercando il mio albergo.
Thank you very much! – Molte grazie! 
How much does that cost? (sg/pl) – Quanto costa/costano?
Can you help me? – Mi può aiutare?