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We challenge you to a holiday in the midst of skyscrapers, let's “Main-hattan”!

Book now on a holiday to a traditional and charming city shaped by concrete and steel skyscrapers.

Why Frankfurt?!

✈ an ideal place for a city break, but also for a day if you are just passing by;
✈ art;
✈ highest-class shopping;
✈ top architecture;
✈ and many more that we expect you to discover and share with us.

10 places worth visiting in Frankfurt in 24 hours

✈ Romerberg Square;
✈ Goethe Memorial House;
✈ Zeil Street - The Fifth Avenue of Germany;
✈ Museum of modern art;
✈ Iron Bridge;
✈ Bankenviertel district;
✈ Palmengarten;
✈ MyZeil;
✈ Senckenberg Museum of Natural History;
✈ Old Opera.

We convinced you, didn't we? The 120 km to Frankfurt didn't even feel ...