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Bologna – a city with a historical legacy

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Bologna is a fortress city in northern Italy, being the capital of the Emilia-Romagna region. It is called the „red city” for the color of its roofs and facades. It is a city of ancient tradition, being one of the best preserved historical fortresses in northern Italy. Bologna is known today for its cultural and university life (here is the oldest university in Europe – Bologna University, founded in 1088), as well as for local cuisine.

Bologna is a city made for walks - the best way to get to know this city full of beautiful streets and buildings, a visit to Bologna thus acquiring a personal and rich tone. In Bologna, the everyday landscape is itself a perfect tourist attraction!

This medieval town is charming, historic and fun to explore. Bologna is the gastronomical capital of Italy ant is also famous for being a university hub and for its amazing nightlife, but there are also plenty of places to see and a lot of unique things to do here.

The heart of Bologna is Piazza Maggiore, the largest square of the town where usually people spend their nights drinking, chatting and having fun.

Sights in Bologna

✈ Piazza Maggiore
✈ Basilica di San Petronio
✈ Basilica di Santo Stefano
✈ Le Due Torri
✈ Neptune Fountain
✈ Via dell’Indipendenza
✈ Santuario Madonna di San Luca

Short conversation guide

Good morning! – Buon giorno!
Good afternoon! – Buon pomeriggio!
Good evening! – Buona sera!
Excuse me! – Mi scusi!
I’m lost. – Mi sono perso. [M]; Mi sono persa. [F]
I’m looking for my hotel. – Sto cercando il mio albergo.
Thank you very much! – Molte grazie!
How much does that cost? (sg/pl) – Quanto costa/costano?
Can you help me? – Mi può aiutare?