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Venice – a timeless city, surrounded by the Venetian Lagoon

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Venice is an enchanting city that casts visitors under an intoxicating spell. It’s dreamy and romantic city, which renders a state of mystery. The Grand Canal is the center of activity, with gondoliers singing to the passengers in their boats. The magnificent Piazza Sam Marco is another must-see hub. Along the winding streets you’ll find stylish cafes and gelaterias, souvenir shops and small businesses, plus Renaissance palaces and Gothic churches. 

Sights in Venice

✈ Doge's Palace
✈ Canal Grande
✈ Basilica di San Marco
✈ Piazza San Marco
✈ Teatro La Fenice
✈ Campanile di San Marco

Short conversation guide

Good morning! – Buongiorno!
Good afternoon! – Buon pomeriggio!
Good evening! – Buona sera!
Excuse me! – Mi scusi!
I’m lost. – Mi sono perso. [M]; Mi sono persa. [F]
I’m looking for my hotel. – Sto cercando il mio albergo.
Thank you very much! – Molte grazie!
How much does that cost? (sg/pl) – Quanto costa/costano?
Can you help me? – Mi può aiutare?