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The place where legends are combined with old architecture and modern design

Copenhagen is the destination where legends are combined with old architecture and modern design.The Danish capital is a captivating mix of Midcentury Modern design, forward-thinking restaurants, and storybook charm. This playful, enterprising spirit mix combined with the city’s stunning architectural beauty, as well as its rich cultural heritage propose us a destination that’s worth spending more than a few nights in.

Must see in Copenhagen
Tivoli Gardens | The Little Mermaid | Kronborg Castle
Most delicious local dishes that you cannot miss during your trip

No matter what time of day it is, you can always enjoy a smørrebrød!
If you see millionbøf on a menu at a restaurant, give it a try!
If you are looking for a tasty local Danish food, then try Stegt Flæsk!

Short conversation guide

Good morning! – Godmorgen!
Good evening! – God aften!
Goodbye! – Farvel!
How much does it cost? – Hvor meget koster det?

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